Getting Started



Starting your chiropractic program with us is easy.

The first step is to print and fill out one of our intake forms by clicking  HERE.

While we ask you to complete the intake paperwork as thoroughly as possible, please recognize that not all fields may apply. 

The next step is to call our office at 503.467.4511to schedule an initial consultation.In this meeting, you’ll sit down with Dr. Pitcairn and discuss your current health and pain issues. The discussion will include how long you’ve had the issues and how it’s affecting your everyday physical activities. You’ll also go over some family health history and certain aspects of lifestyle that affect your overall well-being.


Following this conversation is a physical assessment of your spine. Dr. Pitcairn will examine your posture, check your range of motion for limitations, evaluate your spinal alignment, and run some orthopedic tests, which are exercises that bend the body in certain positions to check for pain response. This physical evaluation will help paint the picture of your overall spine health and allow us to develop a treatment plan.
At this point, x-rays may or may not be recommended. Our on-site x-ray facility makes the process convenient and painless. If x-rays are not taken, a first treatment may be given immediately following the physical assessment. If x-rays are taken, a follow-up visit is scheduled to review the findings in detail.
After the initial consultation, a follow-up appointment is scheduled to review the results of your exam and/or x-ray. This report will answer four fundamental questions about the structure of your chiropractic program:
What are my primary health concerns?
Can chiropractic help me?
How long will it take?
How much will it cost?
Massage therapy is offered at our clinic and may be recommended for your wellness plan as we are pleased to offer a variety of different massage styles.

Additionally, chiropractic treatments can begin immediately after the first visit, and may continue directly after your follow-up appointment.

 If you have further questions about how to get started, please call the office or contact us here.

*Our office is ‘in-network’ with most insurance companies.

We look forward to seeing you!